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What in the World?

My soul is greatly dismayed; but You, O LORD—how long?
Psalm 6:3

Barbara shared yesterday about some events that occurred during one of the most challenging seasons of our marriage. On top of the crises she mentioned, our one-year-old son, Benjamin, had to be rushed into emergency surgery; we were cheated out of a substantial amount of money on a home we had just bought; and after returning to southwest Missouri to temporarily run my deceased father’s propane business, I had a medical episode of my own.

I remember lying down on the very bed my dad had died in only months before, feeling my heart beginning to race at a frightening level. It turned out to be a panic attack. Dangerous only to my ego.

Two nights later I found myself on top of a tank car at 2 A.M., pumping propane and battling subzero temperatures. I had never been more confused in my whole life.

It was pitch black except for the twinkling stars on that brutally cold night. There I was, totally confused about what was going on in my life. Exhausted from the strain. I remember raising my fist and face heavenward against that winter sky and crying out loud to God, “What in the world are You doing?”

That’s a fair question sometimes, isn’t it? Have you ever been confused and cried out to God in a similar way? Are you in a situation right now where the only thing you know to say or think is, “What in the world are You doing, God?”

These are never times for pat answers or spiritual clichés. But every now and then, it is good to be in a situation where you are forced to throw your full weight of dependence back onto the only shoulders strong enough to carry you. In crying out to God, you find out in time how good, how redemptive He really is.

He is there. And He cares.

If not you, think of someone you know who’s enduring a season like this. Determine how you can be an encouragement to him or her.

Thank God for being there, for hearing our desperate cries, for always caring about us.

Constant Pain
Dear God: Help. Jesus, I can hardly pray beyond that one word. I hurt all over. The pain is with me in the morning, nags me through the day, and climbs into bed with me at night.
I Am Someone
Dear God: I'm a nobody! I feel like I do not amount to very much. It appears as though whatever I do is insignificant. Nothing of any count!
I'm Sorry
Dear God: I have finally come to realize that cannot make myself sorry for the negative things I say and do. Your word calls for repentance, but I don't have it within myself to bring it to pass.
Better Sermons, Please
Dear God: I have to open up my heart to you, Lord. Here goes: please bless Pastor with an extra portion of your Spirit regarding sermons.
Dear God: I’ve got that massive comprehensive final in 45 minutes, God, and I can’t help the feeling of dread that creeps over me.
Holy Spirit
Dear God: It’s such an incredible gift of your Holy Spirit. Thank you. It’s impossible to picture your Spirit ministering throughout our lost and hurting world, but the Bible assures us of his omnipresent power.

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