Community Resources

Food and Shelter

Seventh-day Adventist Community Center

Open Mondays and Tuesdays 10am to noon

St. Vincent de Paul Society 

Food Bank open Monday - Friday 10am to 1pm


Marion Polk Food Share

list of Food resources

Safe Sleep United

An providing a safe place for our unsheltered sisters to sleep at night. Always open. 


NAD on Social Justice

Ways to Help

Blanket Drive

We all want to be warm for the winter. 

We are coordinating with the Inside Out SDA Church and Safe Sleep United Women's Shelter to provide the Women's shelter with precious blankets. There are over 450 women living on the streets due to unfortunate circumstances. They need our help. We are asking for any unused blankets or sleeping bags to be donated. Anything helps, due to the current pandemic we ask that the blankets or sleeping bags be thoroughly cleaned before donating. You can also give directly to the organization if that is more convenient.